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(5) Oilers vs (12) Blackhawks

Why the Oilers will win:

This will be fun series to watch! Touting some of the best scorers, speed and hands in the game! The Oilers have two high octane lines and some up and coming defense (finally). The big question mark is goaltending. We saw Mike Smith take back his job from Rittich for last seasons playoffs and was fantastic for Calgary. Koskinen has been the better goalie this year, but will his inexperience be the Oilers achilles? Why the Oilers will in? Draisaitl, McDavid...they will score at will with a weak Blackhawk d-core. Oilers in 4.

Why the Blackhawks will win:

The Hawks are poised for an upset in this series. With Captain Serious steering the ship and commitment to defense, they can frustrate the Oil and take it. The second half of this season they have turned things around and have crept into playoff striking distance (pre-Covid format). Why the Hawks will win? The Oilers underestimate the Hawks and the Hawks experience bolster them through. Hawks in 5.

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