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(5) Penguins vs (12) Canadiens

Why the Penguins will win:

This series seems like it may be over before it starts. You have a star studded, experienced team against a crumbling team who limped themselves into these unprecedented playoffs with a .500 record. Plain and simple, the Pens score more, defend better. With two starter caliber goalies in Jarry and Murray, this lineup feels like they can go deep. It also looks like Guentzel will be returning, adding to their list of snipers. Why the Pens will win this series? They have they players, the experience, and have overcome injuries this year to and kept on rolling. If they come out of the gate hot, Pens in 3.

Why the Canadiens will win:

It will be exciting for this squad to be able to play for the cup. They have had a disappointing season, with many players under performing. They do have they ability to win against top end teams with Price, but can they put it together for a run? Max Domi has been way off this year. If he can find his stride with this second chance at life, Montreal may have enough depth up front to do some damage. If the Habs can take the first game and gain some confidence, watch out! Why the Canadiens will win this series? It is a fresh start in a bad year with some young deadly talent and a rock solid goalie. It will take the distance for them to win Canadiens in 5.

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