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(6) Hurricanes vs (11) Rangers

Why the Canes will win this series:

Well, it doesn't look like the match up they were hoping for. The Rangers have been dominant against the Canes all season, taking all 4 games. There are a few bright spots in this season's campaign, Aho, Svechnikov, and Teravainen. If they can continue to produce at a high level and they find some surge magic as they did last season, maybe they can squeak by. Why the Canes will win? The Rangers fail to shutdown their top three. Canes in 5.

Why the Rangers will win this series:

They are young, and talented. If they can let go of the ego and drama which has plagued this season thus far, I can see this team going deep. David Quinn holds the key. If he can manage ice time and goalie rotations to keep everyone happy, then you will see the Rangers depth shine. Zibby and Breadman won't disappoint, and as long as Shesterkin gets the nod as the clear starter, the Canes have no shot. Why the Rangers will win? They will get out of their own way and show what kind of team they can be. Rangers in 4.

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